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We provide digital transformation solution for your business

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Business Process Integration,Data Integration,Rapid Solutions,Innovative Thinking,Digital Transformation,Data Analytics,Customised To Suite The Requirement

A Platform Based Approach To Digital Transformation And Integration Problem Of Enterprise.

Design DX

Study and Design to Transform Digitally The manual, paper based or undefined/unstructured processes/operations.

Digital Components

Design And Develop Software,IoT based solutions, to Meet Enterprise DX requirements

Business Inteligence

Centralised Data Warehouse to support real time ,custom , dynamic and AI based analytics/reports

Integrated DashBoard

DashBoard view of all the enterprise process data post DX

Why Choose Us

We are the BEST fit for your Enterprise DX Goal

What Makes Us Different

Our Platform Based DX solution provides a complete end to end solution to suite your enterprise requirements

Platform : Robust And Proven Platform

Our Paltform based approach for digital transformation is Unique in the industry.

  • Highly configurable, almost a zero code solution for your custom implementation.
  • More than 10 Years of presence in various sectors.
  • More than 90% goes as it is rest 10% we do customisation , as per customer requirement

Ideation : We bring solutions to make life easier for our customers.

We work very close to customer to understand their problem area and provide solution which fit to their requirement without deviating their existing working process.

  • We speak the same laguage what the customer speaks, means we design or refine as per the existing process, so that the learning curve or the adaptability is easier for the resources.
  • We design end to end or the augmentation of the DX requirement.
  • We bridge the gap between technology and the domain experts very quickly, it safes lot of time to undrstand the entire domian.

Analytics : Simplified and Faster Data to Decision

Our configurable design of Analytics provides a complete insight of the realtime picture of the enterprise.

  • We centralise all the data in one single data warehouse , which can draw variuos detail and custom interpretation and projection of Data.
  • We provide AI ML based Data Analytics.
  • Custom design of reports , Analytics in case of complex profiling of data

Integration : End to end Integration for Data, Process , Application.

Though we provide End to End DX system , but We also provide way to integrate with external application , legacy system, process or any independent subsystems.

  • We provide integration adapters which can integrate back and forth with any system , sub system or process.
  • Develop custom adaptors/ connectors for exiting systems.
  • We integrate using both pull and push mechanism.
  • Highly secure SSL based integration.

How enterprise get benefitted

Our Platform Based DX solution digitises, integrates and centralises for Data warehouse

Realtime system

Our DX approach makes all the processes realtime integrated

Process Visibility

We make all your operation process tranparent

Centralised Data & Process

Quality, Integrity and Consistency of remotely collected data with Zero data loss and High data protection.

Ready to Integrate

Entire system is ready to get integrated with exiting ERP / applications / legacy software